Saturday, April 25, 2015

Big Spoon

With several branch in Klang Valley, Big Spoon is sever bite size food in a huge spoon that is packed with flavours that differs from others. Got a chance to visit the Setiawalk outlet and it was truly a unique experience dining here at Big Spoon.
Big Spoon Setiawalk is located right opposite Subway, and is located at the very far end of the shoplot, I repeat the far END. So you will have to walk till the REALLY end to find it as it is not entirely visible when you are not at the end.
Big Spoon serves several type of beverages from Taiwan (mostly if not all) ranging from softdrink to yogurt drink.
One thing I like about the dining area is where the huge spacious seat and walking area where I could have my camera, phone and stacks of food on the table without interfering each other. One thing I hope to see improve has to be the temperature within the restaurant. Big Spoon practice open space concept hence it might get a little big hot especially during a sunny afternoon.
Tomatoes In Sweet Osmanthus Sauce
Oriental Salad
We started off with appetizer like Tomatoes in Sweet Osmanthus Sauce and Oriental Salad. Both dish has this sweet taste to it that is coming from the sauce. Personally I like the Oriental Salad where there is refreshing crunch and a tasty crunch coming from the vegetable and friend wanton skin.
Pan Fried Dumplings
Steam Dumpling
As for the dumpling series, they were stuffed with minced chicken meat and nappa cabbage. The fried version was a little bit dry to my liking but it goes well with home made vinegar and spicy hot oil that enhance the eating sensation. The Steam Dumpling was good with the sauce that came with it.
Fried Spring Roll
Spring Roll was fried till perfection that is sure to give you a crispy sensation. However I do find that's still room for improvement with the fillings as it is kinda soggy and slightly lack of taste in it.
Cold Chicken Noodles
Big Spoon Signature dish is the Cold Chicken Noodles. Their signature did stand out not just among the other food sold here in Big Spoon, but also among others out there. Serves as cold dish, the fine noodle was good to be eaten with shredded chicken and cucumber along with its sweet sauce. To get more kick in your mouth, add on some spicy oil and you would feel the numbness in your mouth. Do not the spicy oil had a mixture of flower pepper, so add with cautious.
Crispy Taro Roll
Home made Taro Roll with no added artificial ingredient, dipped with sesame seen on one end and has a soft (instead of crunchy) texture on the skin. Personally I would like to try a crunchy skin version of this. Keep an eye on Big Spoon cause you will never know, they might have that in near future.
Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns
Strawberry Butter Cream Prawns has to be the best among the best. The prawns are friend to perfection and not overly cook, leaving it with crispy skin. Mixed with the sweetness from the strawberry and savory butter cream, it is truly intriguing sensation in your mouth
Golden Pear Essence Dessert
3 Hours slow boil with fresh pear, white fungus, wolf berries and rock sugar, the Golden Pear Essence Dessert taste like those you had in wedding dinner (or better for some case), and the best part it doesn't cost you a bomb with just street price. Serves warm and is best consume as it is. Soothing and mild sweetness to my liking.

Big Spoon 
D-7-G, Block D SetiaWalk,
Persiaran Wawasan Pusat Bandar Puchong 47160 Selangor
Tel: 012-357 5865
Opening hours : 11am - 10pm

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