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#NNFoodFest was a blast

Nuffnang had done it again with their mega project that actually created a hype over Tiesto concert on the same day / night. No offense to Tiesto fans but I have to admit #NNFoodFest 2013 attracted unexpectedly huge crowd from both blogger and non blogger.
Nuffnang Food Fest 2013 was schedule to begin at 4PM till 10PM but crowd started pouring into the registration table even before 3PM. Despite arriving sharp at 3PM where is it the official registration time, by the time I manage to sign in, it was already 3.30PM. Every registrant receive a mini macaroon, an exclusive #NNFoodFest badge and some leaflet / voucher. Was waiting fo r 4PM before I can start tasting food from 50 food vendor and notice some stall actually started even before 4PM. I hurried rush to the start and start tweeting for food.
To enjoy the bite size food all you have to do is just tweet about it and poof you get your free food. In a simpler term you're paying with your tweet (which act as your currency on that day) and is the only day where your stomach get most satisfying taste ever without hurting your wallet. So the first food that I wanted to go for was Crayon Burger, but they only serves beef burger for the sampling I will have to skip it. What an eye opener when I saw the so called bite size sampling is actually almost half the size of the origin burger.
Wareong Penyet was my next stop and not only they're serving their famous signature ayam penyet, they too gave out BBQ chicken with avocado juice. There were amble of shredded cabbage as the base and it does freshen up a little under the heat. The Ayam Penyet (flatten fried chicken) was really good though it was slightly dry and the BBQ chicken was really a blast. Heard they ran out of BBQ chicken pretty quick and substitute it with 2 pcs of Ayam Penyet. If you're a spicy lover do try their sambal. It was however overly hot for me though. Was to tempted to go grab another one but had to hold myself back as there were more sampling to try on.
Since the scotching sun isn't backing up and was burning hot, it was really attention catchy over on Maggi booth with all covered booth shielding its visitor from the heat while serving a good portion of curry-licious noodle.
With such recognised name I believe I don't need a photo to make you crave for it, so I'll leave the imagination to your mind. Like everyone else there we would wanna much the very demanding myBurgerLab, I tend to hangout nearby the booth only to find out later that their first serving would be 5PM, so I proceed with other store nearby. SS2 Pisang Goreng happen to be one that I would love to try out since they had recently open a stall in 1Utama.
The sampling I got is not the typical fried banana but instead is a flour mix crushed banana, deep fried and serves on a stick of two. I can taste the moderate presence of banana and the mild taste of it. It was also quite greasy probably due to the high volume of visitor, they don't even have time to drip it off.
The best popiah I ever had have to be from Sisters Crisyp Popiah a booth next to SS2 Goreng Pisang. The crispiness come not only from the ingredient wrapped inside the popiah skin but also from the skin itself. It was really appetizing.
Next stop is the Sumo Origini and they had 4 source to go along with, and you know what, I actually have 5 origini ball with each accompanied by individual sauce. If you haven't notice, the portion serves so far is far bigger and is beyond my expectation. After the origini I actually started to fill full and had to rest for a while before proceeding.
So just as I was walking around trying to digest so I can continue munching, I spotted the cool dude from myBurgerLab in the midst of preparation to cater to unexpectedly long queue which started I think at least half an hour before it begin serving.
There was also a photobooth with tons of props for those who wish to take a photo with funny expression, and it will be printed for you to keep as a fun and exciting memory. After a few rounds of 'makan' / sampling, I saw the registration queue was still piling up, is like it never gonna stop anytime soon.
Since I was busy queuing up for food and busy munching I actually missed some interesting announcement. It appear that there was a surprise giveaway from UTOO S2. Speaking of generous portion, UTOO S2 too was in the game and was giving away close to 100 unit (accumulated 2 session) of 3000mAh powerbank with only a 8mm thickness. Since I missed the first round, I time myself for the 2 session.
With so many food surrounding me, it is really difficult for me to stop eating even though the stomach is telling me to stop and give it time to digest. So I went for a smaller and 'lighter' food to munch. Master Mi seems to be a perfect choice and so I tw(eat) it. It is a premium cracker with several flavor and I had the black pepper, man not only it was good, it was non-fried cracker which could mean to a healthier choice of snack.
Tips of the day: If you don't know what to eat or where to begin, look for a crowd or queue, that's where everyone is eagerly trying to get their mouth hands on. Planet Popcorn actually offer a small but very generous sample size of corn soup pop corn and we would be the first batch to try it out. It was nicely seal and is good to 'tabao' / take home and leaving more space to try out other food.
Didn't I just inform you where there's queue, there's treasure? See yet another long but worthy queue at New Zealand ice-cream. Glad that they serves everyone pretty quick and within realising, I am holding one ready to cool myself down under the hot spell.
Feeling thirsty after all the munching? Well fret not cause there were a wide arrange of beverage stall where you can get what they called is sampling but to me is a good load of portion to quench the thirst. They range from healthy vinegar drink from @mynulifestyle, yakult, juice work, chatime, and many more. There's also Paulaner, a very exclusive premium alcoholic drink at Bistro32. Speaking of alcoholic drink I won 6 cup of beer during the event and had put it to good use too.
After the chilling cold beer session, it was time to yet another queue up for me at myBurgerLab to sample their Chicken Swisstake. As usual, the queue started way before they begin operation and knowing the pattern I actually turn on my kiasu mood and join the queue rather early. The team doesn't rush through the preparation despite the crowd as they wanted to maintain the quality and taste in every single burger.
The Chicken Swisstake had a crunchy charcoal bun where it would easily break apart from every bite. Sandwich in between the black bun is a huge piece of grilled chicken where it is moist and juicy. I however find the sauce is way too sourly where it overpower everything else. Just after the long queue, I went for another queue for the UTOO S2 power bank redemption.
By then it was night time already 7PM+ if I remember correctly, though still feeling full I still went ahead to queue for more awesome food. What's surprising is that there's no slow down even when night fall and #NNFoodFest was on top of trending list throughout the day. Join in another queue for some delightful snack at Crazy Potato.
My tw(eat) didn't stop there, there's still so many more to eat and so little time, so I was on a multitasking mode where I hop from stall to stall to check out what I miss and spotted Nando's. Heard they're giving out quarter chicken to the first 20 person but a smaller portion is good enough for me but heck the sampling size is as good as the quarter one.
Beside eating (of course, duh), there were several programme line up on the same day. I didn't really have time to join and actually missed out most of it as I was busy queuing, eating, and digesting.
It is only toward the end of the event, before leaving #NNFoodFest unwillingly, I actually witness Maggi Bloggers Cook-Off at the main stage. Several big shot were there for the cook-off competition from Chee Ching, Sixseal, Meryn, Lily Putih and so on. Big congrat to Lily Putih who won the competition
While the contestant was busying cooking the most awesome maggi dish, their supporter were greeted with mini giveaway where almost everyone get a bundle of Maggi Big Curry how's that for awesome. Generally I had alot of fun treating myself to every possible great food you can get in several spot in Klang Valley. If there's one thing I can suggest to help improve the #NNFoodFest it would be a water station to keep everyone from dehydration. Perhaps also have this monthly if not daily :p
If you're not here at the trending event, where were you and now you know you've losing out alot right? I think I only manage to try not even half of the food there, foods that I miss (and that I'm aware of) are

  • Nasi Lemak full portion with chicken and squid
  • Pan Mee
  • Soup
  • Wantan
  • Dried Meat
  • Juice Work
  • Gelato (Nasi Lemak flavor)
  • Coffee
  • Cake
  • Macaroon
  • Cupcake
  • Ninja Joe
  • and many more..

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