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Savaro by Felda

It seems that almost everywhere within Klang Valley is filled with different type of eateries and publika has to be one of the biggest eatery hub despite the slow pick up upon its opening. One of the newly open restaurant  would be Savaro by Felda serving authentic local cuisine with some delightful twist.
While the smoking area / non air conditioned area are heavily garden theme based, the inner area had a VIP like dining area and is good enough to fit a moderate group of diners simultaneously, is especially good for function / gathering with a view to the new Istana. Before reaching that room you will have to go through a rather narrow walkway where there's also dining table glued to the wall with a view of diner from the outside. That area is bright and lively with all the natural day light minus the heat hitting directly to the table. I must admit that it was rather nice, neat and simple at the same time.
 Enough with the deco and now time to dine in.
SS Lime (SAVARO Soda & Lime) - RM9.80
Cafe Latte - RM11.80
Tropical Twist - RM9.80
Sky Green - RM9.80
Pina-C - RM9.80
Espresso - RM4.80
Hot Chocolate - RM7.80
Espresso Macchiato - RM12.80
Drinks were generally good and I especially enjoy my SS Lime which is made with Strawberry extract, lime, sode, and some mint.  I was told that you need to crush that mint and it was too late as I've already finish my cup of SS Lime by then. Thus there weren't any mint kick in the one I had but the other mixture did bring up a strong and satisfying flavor to every sip. If you haven't know the SS Lime is the signature and best seller drink here. P/S I did however find the tea / coffee very sweet according to my preference, and this is not the only restaurant as I notice most Malay cuisine restaurant did serves rather sweet coffee and tea.
Oxtail Soup - RM13.80
Warm, hearty and rich. SAVARO's version of traditional English Soup has an added zing of hints of curry, with a distinctive beefy goodness of soft chunks Australian beef tail, slow-cooked in a special broth. Each sip is guaranteed to make you longing for more. Since I'm not allow to consume beef based food, I manage to gathered the feedback from other blogger that the soup was rather appetizing and generally everyone was satisfy with the thick and richness of the soup.
Bambu Dagang Rice (Asam Pedas) - RM19.80
Bambu Dagang Rice - RM19.80
A traditional east Malaysian rice dish of the aromatic "dagang" rice, steamed with coconut cream, shallots and herbs, served with delicious Tenggiri fish curry. Personally I think the Bambu Dagang was average only, and judging based on the price tag I would expect some surprises in my mouth which it didn't happen. Personally I like the rice wasn't too sticky nor too dry, it was cook the way I liked it. Sadly the bamboo is for presentation purpose only otherwise I believe it would have more fragrance to it. The curry gravy was good but not the the extend of best, asam pedas was somehow quite salty to my liking. The fish used was frozen cut fish which result in harden and dry texture to the meat.
Bambu Lamb Briyani - RM20.80
Middle East inspired meal of fragrant basmathi rice cooked with briyani-spiced lamb and served with savoury papadom crackers. The rice in this set has to be my favorite among others due to the briyani spices used to cook it. Lamb was cook to perfection but the gravy wasn't really appealing to me as it is lack with flavor to it.
Bambu Savaro Rice - RM15.80
Modern twist to an old-fashioned oriental meal. White rice steamed with a savoury mix of ginger, mushroom and minced chicken. Served with salted egg, pickled fruit chutney, sambal belacan, Pelembang crackers and clear soup. The chicken was kinda greasy to my liking but the texture of the meat was smooth and juicy. The part I hate is when it come in bite size I do expect it to be boneless but I found a soft bone in one of the piece of chicken I had, not really a big deal but it would be perfect to meet all these small expectation as every aspect count. Flavor wise was acceptable and overall it was average to me.
Bambu Kerabu Rice - RM18.80
Rice steamed with coconut cream, tinted blue naturally with the Telang flower, served with fried Tenggiri fish, salted egg, slices of smoked beef and a generous sprinkle of local fresh herbs, toasted coconut shavings, fish sauce and fish crackers. As stunting as it may seem, the rice is dyed with natural colouring as mentioned and is merely to stand out from the crowd and had no additional aroma / taste to it. The fried fish suffer similar issue as mentioned earlier, where the meat was dry and rough. It is still however enjoyable dish to me and if only they could fix the "fishy" issue it would have been a perfect meal.
Savaro Noodles - RM13.80
Savaro Noodles - RM13.80
Egg noodles served in Savaro's special gravy with a distinctive prawn taste, topped with boiled prawns, slices of roast beef, shredded roast chicken, vegetables and half boiled egg. The prawn noodle like dish is packed with lots of goodness in it. Meat from land to meat from sea are all inclusive and the tempting part is where you could slice the egg to see the egg yolk burst out to the aromatic soup. Since there's beef in it I will have to skip but others had commented that it was really good with the right richness.
Savaro Satay - RM12.80
Generous portions of tender beef or chicken pieces, marinated in Savaro's special seasoning and charbroiled to perfection before being served to you with our signature roasted peanut sauce and a side of cucumbers, onions and rice cubes. You can opt for beef or chicken or both. Personally the satay doesn't have the sweetness in satay I used to have and all I can taste is just the meat without much flavor profile to it. The rice was very sandy and didn't really stick together upon entering the mouth.
Chicken Carbonara - RM19.80
Pasta in creamy carbonara sauce with chicken sausage, chicken breast slices and button mushrooms and topped with grated parmesan. Can opt for fettuccine, linguine or spaghetti. This has to be the best dish I tasted not only in Savaro but also in many other places. The sauce is really rich and thick and have a really strong flavor to it where I actually had the desire to order another one just for myself. Spaghetti was cook timely and wasn't too soft nor too hard to my liking. If there's one thing they could improve it would have to be the ingredient. They could use chicken slices instead of sausage. Do note to consume it when it is still hot before the cream dry up.
Bubur Kacang - RM6.80
A sweet porridge of green beans, boiled soft with rich coconut cream and gula melaka. As described on its menu the actual dish is really a photocopy of it. It was really good but a little too sweet for me. Unlike other similar dessert the porridge like bubur kacang here wasn't your ordinary watery type and as addicting as it might get, it was also quite thick to my liking. Oh ya the presentation look familiar doesn't it? I think that's what we usually see in western soup.
Tropical Sticky Rice - RM6.80
Steamed sticky glutinous rice served with fresh mango and drizzled with coconut cream. The sticky rice was warm and soft with a hinge of sweetness. The mango was however sour but each compliment other pretty well.

A3-G2-09, Publika, 
Solaris Dutamas, 
50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

Business Hour
Mon - Sun: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Phone: 03-6206 5044 


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