Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Escape - Teaser and Launch

Ever wonder why screen resolution of your phone is getting bigger (or longer in some case) nowadays? Well one thing for sure, manufacturer don't design your devices in such way just for fun, but instead they were made to make your leisure / entertainment time pleasurable. With that in mind Celcom is introducing its newly app known as the ESCAPE.
ESCAPE in nutshell is an app where it allow you to carry your world of entertainment in the convenience of your pocket. You can download the app for FREE from Google Play Store / App Store and once done you're half way done. To truly enjoy the services, simply sign up for an account and do note that this services is exclusively for Celcom user. You can register at or click on the "Start Here" button on the app. In less than a minute you're about to feel how entertainment is redefined.
With huge collection of movie with a variety of Hollywood, Korean, Indonesian, Hindi and local movies, ESCAPE too provide live events, live news, concerts and TV series on your PC / mobile device. You will never find the word bored in your dictionary again when you have ESCAPE on your device. With feature like Pause & Play across devices anytime anywhere, you get Irresistible moments, Unmissable events.
The library of movies is neatly sorted out according to popularity, genre, date, and the list goes on to ease you in any given situation. For example you wanted to watch something that would cheer you up by making you laugh but you don't know what movie falls under that, a tap on Giggles would get you a list of comedy and you would probably blame the God for not giving you extra hours each day.
The list doesn't just stop at movies, ESCAPE also offer Series from those you watched the good old days to those you're not aware off to-date. Amazingly you are carrying loads of movies and series without adding weight in your pocket. Hi-resolution images are delivered via adaptive streaming technology for excellent video quality across devices
Just when you don't have time to finish even 10% of the video content, you're pushed with on going event. So the next time you missed out some awesome event near your area, you got no one to blame but yourself for not having the ESACAPE app. Oh did I tell you that ESCAPE works on both PC / Smartphone / Tablet (compatible with iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows)? Gone were the days where you yawn x100 time while waiting for your GF to be ready for date, or the days where you don't know what to do when your appointment postphoned for hours. With ESCAPE the pleasure time is always yours, anytime, anywhere.
In conjunction with the launch of ESCAPE, Celcom also organized a Guess and Win campaign. The game is pretty simple and all you had to do is to guess the mystery person. Clues given were

  • “I’ve been to Shanghai twice. In a rush hour, three times.”
  • “I guided The Kid. I became The Master.”
  • “I’m Mr. Nice Guy. But don’t pick a fight with me.”
  • “I’ve been a panda. I’ve been a hyena.”

You too can watch the embeded video above for more clue. Guess it right and you could win an irresistible reward on ESCAPE! Steps are pretty simple too

  • Just SMS your answer to 20888
  • You can send as many as you want! 
  • Exclusively for Celcom customers.

For more information, visit now.

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