Saturday, September 14, 2013

Crayon Burger

Crayon Burger is the home to colorful buns that is situated in the center of SS15 Subang Jaya. The natural colorful bun is also a distinctive factor that visually separate Crayon Burger from other burger joint out there. As colorful as Crayon Burger's bun get, I'm surprise that the inner deco was rather plain with most of the area and utilities covered with white over dim yellow lighting. There is however a wall on the left where you can draw and write on. Crayon Burger provide a spacious dining area where they could fit approx 40-50 pax comfortably simultaneously. Surrounding is pretty clean, neat and simple and wasn't over crowded even when they were serving over 20 customer at the time we were dining there.
Among the colorful buns were

  • Signature PINK Bun 
  • Light GREEN Vege Bun 
  • GREY Poppy Seed Zombie Bun 
  • RED Velvet Bun
  • WHITE Milky Bun
and there will be more to come
Double Rainbow (Chicken) - RM18
Double Rainbow (Beef) - RM18
Classic Crayon (Beef) - RM12
The Boss (Chicken) - RM16
Hashtag (Chicken) - RM15.50
Zombie Burger (Beef) - RM14
The Boss (Beef) - RM14
Peanut Butter Bacon (Beef) - RM15
Cheese Fondue (Beef) - RM15.50
Cheese Fondue (Chicken) - RM15.50
The good thing here at Crayon Burger has to be the option to have your patty in Beef or Chicken across the menu, and the downside here is that the flavor profile is very much similar to each other across the menu which kinda explain why I would describe the burger one shot instead.

First and foremost, as color as it look, the buns were merely for visual purpose, except for the poppy seed bun which I didn't have the chance to try. 

Next quoted from other foodies who is also there that the minced beef flaky which is not only messy but also difficult to consume, and there is also a heavy presence of the beef smell.

For the Chicken patty on the other hand, it was grilled over the flame and is topped with cheese. The melted cheese will bring some crispiness to the outer layer of the breast meat but at the same time it enhanced the saltiness to it as well.

The Boss has to be the only one that I enjoyed most among the 7 other types of burger served. The Boss is made with Mild Wasabi Mayo, Egg, Onion Ring, Swiss Cheese and a patty choice of either Beef or Chicken. You can actually taste everything sandwich between the two bun and yet the taste blend in quite well.  The Wasabi Mayo however doesn't have the kick to spicy things up and it would be good if slightly more and not overly done wasabi is added to it and it would definitely bring the uniqueness to the fullest.

Personally I too enjoy the Hashtag burger which is made of Hashbrown, Jalapeno Cheese Cream and Chicken Patty. Hashbrown was good but it was soon overpowered by the Jalapeno Cheese Cream leaving only the crispiness of the Hashbrown.
With a RM5 top up you will get a Fries and bottomless cup of Softdrink. Crayon Burger had to improve the flavor profile for its burger inside out. Marinating the patty in different style / ways might help differentiate the different type of burger from the menu. With stiff competition walking distance away, it would seems to me that this might be an alternate option instead.

38, Jalan SS15/4, 
Subang Jaya 
45200 Selangor, Malaysia

Operation Hours



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