Sunday, September 29, 2013

Samsung NX300

Samsung NX series had recently launch its new model to its successor (NX210) and is embeded with ton of features but the main focused (or rather advertised) feature would be on content sharing among devices across platform.
The mirrorless camera is receiving pretty good demand in the market and it is no surprise that you'll be seeing more supply and model based on this technology in near future with more innovation integrated to it. Samsung NX300 is one that packed with rather compact features but does it meet the expectation as its owner expected it to be? Here's what I think.
The outer appearance is designed in such way that it has the leather like texture and feel that is comfort to the palm even in long shooting hours. The body itself was surprisingly light in weight but the lens itself might put on some burden to it, but nevertheless it is still at an acceptable weight overall and required a smaller storage room compare to a DSLR.
The body is also design in a way similar to DSLR where it fits your grip perfectly and the few common button you would usually find in a DSLR. If there's one thing I like about the NX300, it has to be the dedicated video recording button located at the top right side of the camera. With just a press you're making video record within second, it fits perfectly in current fast moving environment.
The AMOLED tilt display on the other hand had some restriction where it can only be angle up to 90 degree max. Personally would prefer the tilt to be flexible or at least to the extend where it aid in making 'selfie' an enjoyable experience. Its really a waste not able to see yourself live in the 3.31" (84.0mm) display.
Remember I mentioned that the NX300 focus pretty much on content sharing earlier? Well here they are. The NX300 is equipped with not just Wireless technology, it also has NFC integrated to it. With both technology connection to a smartphone is now made easier and possible and one of it I find it usefully especially when travelling has to be the remote viewfinder.
It basically transmit the image from the lens of NX300 to your connected device so that you can position the camera in your preferred location and control it over your phone. Great example on how this feature aid would be taking a portrait with your loved one together with the great scenery behind you while you're on a vacation. You can have some simple control from your phone too like setting timer, photo quality, flash and etc. Photo sharing too is so simple that even a kid can do it. All you need to do is just a tab between your NFC device to the NX300 and content will be shared.
The setting adjustment however is not that friendly according to my standard. Although there is a "dedicated" scroll wheel on top of the camera, the tricky part is that you will have to goto each individual setting by either using the button keypad or a touch on the screen before scrolling. For one who had been using a DSLR for a long time, I tend to forget to switch before scrolling and end up have to reorganize the setting again. The dynamic dedicated key might need some time to get used to it but the most important element is that it might reduce portability among camera user. With ISO level up to 25K there's no doubt capturing low light image can be done without the aid of a flash, but you will just have to accept the noise that come along with.
The photos above taken with NX300 at a low light condition and is also the first time I'm using it to snap photo. It seems that you really need a stable hand for that perfect shot and there's not even a single room for a slight movement. The other thing I would like to highlight is the auto focus function in NX300. It tend to focus on the wrong side of an image and is pretty difficult to get it focus on object you want from the distance you desired. Although with just a touch you can set the focus area, it would required both hand to do so and might not be that friendly at certain times.

Generally there's no question about the photo taken during day time as everything is just picture perfect. As for night scene / low light / indoor environment, I think there's still room for improvement. With the wireless technology, it drain battery faster than you could finish a cup of water and extra battery is needed when you're heavily depending on that feature. With the price of over RM2000, it could it costly to some and the interchangeable lens would cost a bomb too. Perhaps an alternate version of NX300 can be taken into consideration where least used feature like 2D/3D can be removed to slash the price lower for more affordability purpose.

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