Wednesday, July 3, 2013

#keepyourcool with Levi's Cool Jeans

Under hot spell like these, how do you #keepyourcool and stay active? If you have some crazy idea to stay keep yourself hydrated and still stay cool, then Levi's is looking for you to participate in their #keepyourcool contest giveaway. You could win yourself a brand new iPad mini and RM500 cash voucher. Do check other details out at
I was once told that during every summer, when the burning sun reach its highest pitching point it could melt everything on the surface. In order to survive the heat, one have to go deep down the ocean and to located the Icy Monster that is capable of casting chilling spell to the air that would shield us from a mega meltdown. But because cause the journey to find Icy Monster doesn't come easy, and so I took the challenge.
A series of obstacle would be there waiting for me and I must prove that I have what it takes to fetch Icy Monster back to surface and saving the world. The road to the ocean would be long and plain hot, that's why I need to suit up to #keepmycool
At the entrance to the ocean, I need to open the unlock gate with my bare hand, and since it is make of steel and it would burn anything touching it, I will #keepyourcool by getting a headbutt from my friend, which is good enough to send me flying off at 300kmph causing me to be frozen in ice, and could easily open the gate without getting burn
Next up, is to wait for the right time and strike only when the Icy Monser come out for dinner. To #keepyourcool I will dip myself into the ice chilling sea and make it my own bed room until the right time strike
Hardwork did payoff as I finally successfully capture the Icy Monster and saved the world. But after going through all the heat and challenge it is time to #keepyourcool with a bowl of Icy Monster.
With that everyone can now #keepyourcool and enjoy a chilling date with their loved one
This post is my humble entry for #keepyourcool contest by Levi's and if you have any idea, do submit yours too for a chance to win cool and amazing prize. All the best to every participant

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