Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bird Nest Palace

When I first heard about a eatery place named Bird Nest Palace, can't help but wondering what kind of food they serves, what's more when I found out they are actually serving steamboat. Eventually I set my expectation to have a bird nest soup base on my dining experience there.
Strategically located at Damansara Perdana commercial centre and it is just opposite Tropics Mall / KK Mart. They are even having a promotion (as of 1st May 2013) of RM36.90 for 2 pax steamboat set.
From the main entrance, it has this very Chinese ancient theme / deco and it does feel classy like a VIP. The inner dining area is however very jungle / forest set-up which is of course refreshing and soothing, like totally separated from the hectic world.
Moving on, the soup base I had that day was actually herbal soup and tomyam, they do have "Ma La" (Extra Spicy) soup base to choose from too. Do note that they don't serve individual pot here and everyone would be sharing the same pot.
The photo above shows the complete set you'll get on the promotion set of RM36.90 and as seen, you get more of fishball based along with squid, slices of fish, and prawn among other ingredient like fish noodle, mushroom, needle mushroom, tofu, assorted fishball / crab stick, sotong ball, fucuk and ton of cabbage.
There were also very limited condiment to go along with the food shall you need to boost the flavor. The herbal soup is pretty tasty on its own and guess it is safe to say that it wasn't MSG soup as I did not felt thirsty hours after consuming it. The Tomyam soup however were pretty mild in taste, not that spicy, and were full with residual that annoy my dining experience.
You may also order some side dishes as shown above and unfortunately I don't have the price range with me. Everything seem pretty ordinary and nothing special right up to this moment except for that abalone slice, it is very sweet and chewy like the texture of meat. Can't stop but to help myself with few slices of it to satisfy my crave.  So why the name bird nest you may ask? Well the owner of Bird Nest Palace actually have been actively operating bird nest business. They may want to look into improving the steamboat set, not that it wasn't good, just that it wasn't outstanding enough to attract returning customer / attention. The only thing you can't find elsewhere is that you get to enjoy a warm and hearty pot of bird nest as dessert, provided you're willing to pay extra for that.
The Bird Nest Dessert cost RM40 per bowl and the price can be justify by the authentic process of preparation and the already pricey bird nest as part of the ingredient. In case you aren't aware, there are seller that use bleach to wash the bird nest so that it have the clean white look. Thankfully Bird Nest here is 100% breed and produce in-house, using only clean water to wash and finest cooking method to preserve the goodness like it should.

You will also notice the place is 'decorated' with bird nest and for a pace of mind, it is best to get your authentic & harm free bird nest here.


Bird Nest Palace
28-1, Jalan PJU 8/5G, 
Perdana Business Centre Damansara Perdana,
47820, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Tel :017 378 8387

Operation Hours

Monday-Friday (11am-10pm)
Saturday-Sunday (5pm-10pm)
Including selected public holiday

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