Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Sunway Lagoon - Vuvuzela

Sunway Lagoon’s latest attraction which is also the world’s largest water ride occupies 3,360-meters (three times of the size of a Olympic standard swimming pool) of the water park. From a launch tower an incredible eleven stories (30-meters) high, the Vuvuzela plunges you through a ride that spans 152 meters, designed to resemble riding rapids on a turbulent river, before mercilessly plummeting you into the world’s largest water funnel, 22meters in diameter which also sits 4 meters above the ground. 
The Vuvuzela also comes equipped with its own elevator, which takes rafts up to the launch deck. The rafts are 6-seater rafts and riders will sit in them and splash down the ride.Each ride will allow riders to experience up to 5 thrilling oscillations in the world’s largest water funnel before being shot out back into the enclosed flume. The ride will then end in Vuvuzela’s splashdown pool. The Vuvuzela is designed for riders to experience zero gravity, caused by the swinging to opposite sides of the funnel to reach the apex of the ride.
Now did that scare you? Better not, cause Nuffnang is about to treat you to a wholesome money can't buy experience! You can get the details here

I would definitely love to join Nuffnang for a bloggers' day-out at Sunway Lagoon so that I could record how each and every of your favourite blogger scream during the ride. Speaking of scream, to eligible to receive that invite, I'm suppose to record a short clip of me screaming but my first attempt failed cause half way screaming, dad came and ask if everything is ok -.- so here's my polite scream version instead.


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