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Burger Junkyard - Just another Burger Chain?

It all started with a burger stall in Wangsa Maju where people used to queue for hours just to get a bite of one of the popular burger, then the trend switch to burger chain, where you get to enjoy awesome burgers in air conditioned environment and yet preserving the long queue. You probably have heard of burger with black bun, crayon color bun and etc. With all these burger craze, does it make Burger Junkyard just another burger chain trying to gain a piece of market share? Personally I don't think so, here's why.
Burger Junkyard isn't really like what the name suggest, and it is in neither way that it is similar to burger sold fast food franchises. Credit have to be given to Burger Junkyard simply because every single thing that you're about to put into your mouth is freshly made, and nope it doesn't pop out from the can nor bottle like everyone would have expected. Stuff like the patty to buns to fries and to even the sauce are all freshly made minus the nonsense (MSG/preservative). In a layman term, whatever junk the chef wouldn't put into their body wouldn't appear in your food.
Just before we go into the drooling burgers, have a quick look at the environment and promotion that Burger Junkyard had to offer. For lunch, there's lunch set which is RM13.90 nett and you'll get a burger along with fries, drinks, and desserts. Yes you heard it right, dessert! You will know why I emphasize on the word dessert later.
Just before entering I do notice that there's a no pork sign that's simply because they are catering for our Muslim friends too. The location where Burger Junkyard is location (Kota Damansara) consist of 60% of Muslims population and is a huge potential to big with not only eliminating the pork, but also the introduction of 80% of beef products in the store.
The surrounding of Burger Junkyard is basically like the name suggest, a place decorated with scrap. Though it was a junkyard, it has to be one of the most comfy junkyard cause everything is so organized and clean, and not forgetting chilling yet spacious.
The menu were pretty simple to read if you're having issue understanding it like I do. The icon beside the item indicate where it is a beef or chicken burger. Since I'm a Buddhist and couldn't consume beef, I guess my choice are pretty much limited. The good news is, despite the restriction and limitation, the chicken burger I had is superb. It wasn't like any other burger I tasted this far. But before going into that let me post some photo of all the burger so that you can drool on it.
The photo above is Formage et Fungi and is not on the menu, my bet it is one of the Mystery Burger the very adventurous item to order off the menu cause you'll never know what you get.
Next is the Texas Hold 'Me' which is made from Chargrilled Beef Patty, Steamed Aged CHeddar, Fried Onion Rings & Homemade BBQ Aioli. One of the comment I got from my GF who blog at is that she loves the texture of Texas Hold Me. The fried onion ring gives that crispy crunch in every bite whereas the patty and grilled beef gives that flavor.
Then came the Brooklyn which is made of  Beef Patty (Chicken Meat is available too), Steamed Aged Cheddar, Turkey Ham, Beef Bacon, Grilled Pineapple, Fried Egg, Garden Greens & Homemade Aioli. Likewise I couldn't try this because it is a beef product but here's just a brief introduction so that you could drool on.
Soon after all the beef burger comes the chicken burger, which also mean my turn to munch after the much drooling watching others praising the beef burger. Hoola Hoop Hawaii is the first chicken burger I had and it is made from Chargrilled Brine Cured Whole Chicken Leg, Steamed Aged Cheddar, Turkey Strip, Pineapple, Tomato, Garden Greens & Tangy Cocktail Sauce. One of the concept that Burger Junkyard practice is not to use breast meat cause they are very dry. To keep the meat moist and tender they used meat from the chicken leg AKA drumstick. They also preserves some fat on the meat so that when it is grilled, the oil will drip into the fire which fire and grill the meat just to have that extra aroma. The tower monster is rather huge in size, the lettuce add that freshness and crunch to a sinful stack of meat covered by in house made sauce. Taste wise not bad, but not the best I had yet.
Then come my favourite of all time - Buffalo Soldier consist of Chargrilled Buffalo Hot Sauce Cured Boneless Chicken Thigh, Steamed Cheddar, Crispy Celery Sticks, Flavoured Sour Cream & Tomato. To make is simple yet understandable, it is like having your all time favourite deboned buffalo wing packed between 2 softy and aromatic bun. Together with Burger Junkyard signature steamed cheese, the texture of Buffalo Soldier is pretty chewy and the sauce offers a strong flavour with mild sweetness to the already awesome burger. I think there's like almost 2 stack of buffalo wing in the burger I had and for once I have to let go of my diet plan to kill the crave.
With all these main dish aside. Every burger purchase comes with fries. I think the fries worth the mention simply because they are freshly made. Gone were the days where we have to wait for CNY to enjoy the prosperity fries (curly fries). Fries where freshly made and is very filling within the outer crispy layer. They were serves hot and weren't too oily as other fries should have. What make the fries outstanding has to be the sauce that came along with. The tomato sauce had similar taste to the bolognese where as the brown sauce is pretty unique. The brown sauce is made from 20 ingredients and yes is made not bought.
Now come the dessert, the first one I had was Panna Cotta. Not too sure what it is made off but it sure does complete the heavenly meal of burger and fries. It wasn't that sweet to be exact and it melts in your mouth. The dash of chocolate add flavor to the Panna Cotta.
Just because they are burger expert, it doesn't mean you shouldn't look forward for its dessert. This is one modern twist of classical chocolate brownie where I would really die for any given time. The brownie is made from dark chocolate thus giving that bitter sweet taste. Complete with vanilla ice cream that doesn't just add sweetness to the brownie but also that extra chilling sensation especially during hot and stuffy days. In case you're wondering, the ice cream does not compromise the origin brownie taste. Serves on a plate with caramel and jam, you're sure to find exploding flavor in your mouth. The brownie does however have that grill taste in it and it is uniquely the way I love it.
Do arrange make a date with Burger Junkyard and be amazed by what it have to offer. With fresh blood from the four young and talented chef who started Burger Junkyard will definitely know what their guest is looking forward to.

16-G, Jalan PJU 5/20D
The Strand Kota Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya

Tel: (+603) 6143 4305

Business hours
Mondays - Saturdays for lunch 12:00p.m. - 3:00p.m. & dinner 6:00p.m. - 10:00p.m.
Closed on Sundays

Manage to persuade my friends to try out the new hype and although not everyone have the crave like I do, were glad that most actually find it uniquely delicious like I do 

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