Saturday, March 16, 2013

[YouthFlex] Youth Credit Card

Have you seen the latest video on Samsung Galaxy S4 where it showcase the highlighted features. One of the spotlight would be a snapping photo simultaneously from the front and rear camera. This has definitely give multitasking a whole new meaning.
 Now no worry, I'm not off topic and am still in the right track. The reason why I brought this up is because multitask is one feature that every manufacturer claim their decide to perform at its best. It allow you to do few task / job at the same time without having to quick / close the app. This is what kept me thinking how can I do more with a credit card that is place in my wallet.
I would skip the futuristic credit card away on this post cause that would involve technical and structural design in order to have a card that would tell you your balance, or making call, or watching football live, and etc. Before I show you my actual card design, I want you to imagine and picture my design first. I will guide you through.
It would be handy regardless of gender. Note that I'm talking about the design of the card and not the feature .
It is made from a material where you can also find it used on some smartphone and tablet.
If have a clean and simple design. I wouldn't use the word blank or no design because the 'image' on the card will change every single time. So are you able to predict how my design is now?
 This is my design, and I name it YouthFlex. It is glue to a layer of mirror screen protector where you can find it in shop that are selling mobile phone accessories. The holder face would be shown on the card when they're holding the card.
Beside that, youth can now use the card to quick fix their hair, make up touch up and etc just like what they would do with a mirror. The other usage by having this mirror protector is to create and educate youth to be financial responsible. Everytime their face is shown on the card, it would also act as a reminder that they will be spending some amount of cash on their purchase. It would allow them to think if that purchase is a necessity or just to kill the lust in them.

**Psst, the frame / border around the card wasn't intentional, but decided to add that in so that it look like a mirror. Since I have no knowledge in using those design software, figure that's the best way to convey my concept.

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