Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ah Boys To Men: Part 2

Ah Boys To Men is back to the big screen not too long after its success release few months back. Actually it was already planned to break the movie into two part during production due to the lengthy storyline.
 A continual from its previous title, Ah Boys to Men: Part 2 focuses mainly on the recruit after settling the family issue of a few particular recruit. It is said that part 1 of the movie is more humorous and part 2 would be more dramatic, which I don't quite agree. They were both hilarious the Singapore way with all the rhythmically mixture dialect.
  There's nothing much to write about without spoiler to the plot. There is one thing that annoy me is where they tend to integrate CGI unnecessary in both series. No doubt it wasn't bad CGI judging from Asia CGI so far, they just overdone the whole thing without a real purpose. Likewise, every Singapore movie aim to convey all the positive message in a humor way through a hell of experience

Rate: 2.5/5

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