Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Here Comes the Boom

It will be a week of movie almost every night this week, and thank to @NuffnangMY for the invite to the premiere of Here Comes the Boom at GSC Paradigm Mall last night.
Prior to the release o the trailer, Here Comes the Boom is known for yet-another-plot-with-different-cast. I mean we've seen lots (if not tons) of movie where teacher going the extra mile to save a student / group / community / school / yada yada.. There were even dramatic, musical, comedy genre of such plot. Thus there ain't much of surprise to expect from.
What is interesting to me beside the main actor Kevin James and his comedy would be the appearance of Joe Rogan and Charice. Not a MMA follower myself thus am not sure if the MMA character is a legend himself. 
Here Comes the Boom too cut all the drama crap short and precise while consistently giving laughter to the audience. In fact the movie is quite Hollywood-ish and has only a runtime of 1 hour +

Rate: 3/5

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