Monday, December 17, 2012


Had a Gala Premiere of CZ12, also known as Chinese Zodiac, the latest action movie from Jackie Chan in GSC Pavilion. Beside purely watching movie, Jackie himself, took the effort and make appearance to greet the fans and media as part of its promo.
There was infact a distance between the stage and where I'm standing but the clarity and the close up distance of the photo is made possible with the aid of Samsung Galaxy Camera. I just had it and is still yet to master it, so do pardon me if the quality is not up to your expectation yet. One thing for sure, with such great camera and feature, internal 8GB wasn't enough and good thing I brought the Series 5 Ultra with me and manage to transfer data out to make more space for more photo. You may view it here

CZ12 being Jackie Chan's 101 movie, the plot evolved around a 'treasure hunter' who would do anything to get what he wanted just to make a fortune out of it. Like every outstanding hunter, jobs are always lurking around him with promising pay and Jackie with his team was assigned to probably yet another mega task.
Equipped with bond like high end technology and gadget, Jackie and his team is set for a journey that would change the way he used to. The CGI doesn't blend well into the movie, but all the stunt that Jackie is known for is good enough to compensate the minor glitch.
The adventure in CZ12 kinda and somehow reminded me of "Journey to the center of the earth". There were also quite limited fight scene that Jackie is involved, and overall it is very Jackie style, bringing back the good old memory. Do expert and do give room to some new comer who would showcase some of their kung fu talent too.

Rate:  3.5/5

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