Monday, December 17, 2012

Why Samsung Series 5 Ultra over Tablet?

While there were more and more category of gadget that is being release in the market everyday, there's still a valid / certain reason why the 'older' category still going strong. I believe everyone know and heard about Galaxy Tab series, Galaxy S series, and even Galaxy Note series. Do you know each one of the model come from different category? Like Galaxy Tab would be in the Tablet, Galaxy S would be in the smartphone, and Galaxy Note is 'Tabphone'. Where all these seems appealing, here are few reason why the Samsung Ultrabook is a better option than the mentioned 3 gadget.
1. "Typing"
Depending on individual, but if you're into alot of typing (can be anything from document, email, to even programming) then probably the old fashion keyboard come in handy. Virtual keyboard is lack of feel and lack of accuracy. Example I can type faster not looking on the physical keyboard compare to typing on a virtual keyboard.

2. Serious Business
While most tablet claim to be able to render graphic smoothly and gorgeously, there's still lack of powerful software that is capable of doing what the conventional computer can do, like creating 3D modeling with Maya software, making advance banner with photoshop, and the list just go on

3. Portability & Instant On
With the introduction of ultrabook, it has brought down the weight of conventional bulky notebook, which aid in people who is always on the go. With all the new technology, you no longer need to shut down your work like how we use to, and all you need is just a flip to close the screen panel then off you go. "Booting" back up would also take merely seconds only

4. True Multitasking
Try this on your smart gadget, open and run several apps / browser and you will notice the lag started to pour in. Different story on the Series 5 Ultra, you can open much more software and still let it run on the background without issue.

5. "Drawing"
Sketching with finger / thumb is rather difficult on the limited screen / small images. Without a cursor, even if your gadget comes with such apps, little would fully utilise it simply because the thickness of our finger is often traced and being output into the screen. Thus if you're into drawing, do get the Galaxy Note and/or Samsung Ultrabook series

6. App Creator
No matter how many apps you have on each platform, most of the app is created using a computer. While you may find photoshop as one of the downloadable app in your smart device, you will actually see the lite version of what it can do. This is simply because the hardware aspect doesn't support other more complex feature which require more processing power and/or memory.

There's infact plenty more reason why I would choose an Ultrabook over Tablet / Smartphone, and if you have some to share, do drop a comment below

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