Thursday, December 20, 2012

Ah Boy to Men

Had a premiere screening of Here Comes the Boom here at GSC Paradigm Mall on Monday, and here I am back for another premiere at the very same venue on Wednesday for the movie Ah Boy to Men
This is yet another latest Singapore movie from Jack Neo which claimed to have the most CGI in the movie and true enough it does but the CGI were just a marketing gimmick. Why is that so? Well decided to be a good guy not to reveal any spoiler, will leave that for you to find out on your own.
Like most of Jack Neo's movie, the movie is intended to give some moral value to the audience and doesn't really focus on the purpose of the title at any given time. Ah Boy to Men evolved around every school graduate in Singapore who is required to spend some time in the National Service, NS in short.
The GCI were simply amazing judging from the local standard and indeed stand out from others despite the very plastic rendering. However like I said earlier, it is not the key element to determine the success / failure of this movie.
The title character would be ken, who is one of the newly recruit refuse to attend NS but have no choice as it  is a compulsory for every one of the Singaporean. Coming from rich family, the spoil kid have to struggle with not just the camp life but also on a desperate mode to save his relationship with Amy who will be leaving to oversea to further her studies.
Overall it is a very relaxing movie with no suspension and you get to see the different kind of reaction when it come to NS for all the school graduates. There were those who refuse, those who is looking to impress, those who is ready for business and etc. To really enjoy the joke, you need to know Hokkien.

Rate: 1.5/5

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