Wednesday, November 7, 2012


With Korean music hitting every part of the world right now, would soar into the sun be yet another Korean success? Let's find out
From the trailer, the movie doesn't promise anything good nor did it have WOW factor and from my point of view the CGI weren't blended good enough to have that realistic scene.
The movie, starring Rain played the dare devil pilot Tae-Hun who is often seen to be making decision according to his instinct, had landed him some issue with the upper management. The movie begin with a rather slow pace with all sort of background introduction on several of its character, which I think could be lessen and leave more space for plot development.
However like most Korean movie, there will be tear shed, yes tears will be scarifies in every Korean movie, be it an overjoy or saddest moment. The intended long winded plot for majority screen time of the movie is to make a bond between the audience and the character.
The graphical jet in kinda unrealistic to me, with all the superb shinny and clean appearance, and not forgetting the plastic fell over it too. I can't help but to think that there's really no purpose of having this remake in the first place. It would be good if the focus is on something else beside jet and pilot though. The mild comedy doesn't really play anything important to save the movie.

Rate: 1/5

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