Monday, November 5, 2012

My Dog Dou Dou

A very special thank to for the invite to gala premiere My Dog Dou Dou momentary ago at GSC Tropicana City Mall.

You could almost guess how it all begin and how it would probably end by just looking at the poster and/or movie title. True enough, everything was pretty much as expected.

One of the key attraction that got my attention is none other than the list of cast where there are actor from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan. However, the plot is far way simple and far way typical than the expectation.

I can't help but find it unreasonable at some scene and thus giving me the impression that certain part of it is just a quick made up to further connect the movie. I seriously wonder how many of us can really go out having fun in the open air / play ground with your kid and your pet when you're actually trying to hide from the 'Ah Long'.

Pets lover may perhaps find this touching especially toward the end (that is if you haven't got it figure out by then), but I couldn't really feel the connection between dou dou and its owner. There is something missing in this movie, and whatever scene aired isn't good enough to portrait a strong bond. 

Not saying that it is a bad movie, but more effort should be put in to better boost the quality. After all it is not the first time we've seen such genre of movie and it would definitely be a let down when people start comparing it to other title. 

Rate: 2/5

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