Sunday, November 18, 2012

Red Lights

Red Lights is a Spanish American Thriller film that got me curious on why does it have only limited screening whether in showtime or choice of cinema here in Malaysia. From the trailer I personally think this is something, something out from ordinary at least.
The story begin with two primary characters who believe that there's an explanation behind every supernatural phenomena and debunking each and every one of it, unfolding every fraud under a controlled condition and the correct tools with very limited budget.
Their expertise in physic did aid a lot in explaining and revealing all the tricks behind each scam and while nearly none manage to escape their sharp eye, there is one blind man named Simon Silver who the university professor seems to be avoiding.
The self proclaim "God" possess a gift, that is capable of not just "performing" tricks but also to heal very sick people had previously disappear into thin air due to some accident in previous show. The pace of Red Lights is rather wavey but with most of the time having the audience suspended.
Personally I love the fact that the movie keeps the audience curious, making each and everyone stay back to find out answer to "How he did that" until the very end of the movie. Thus only a small part of the trick was unfolded, it is still probably one of the best suspension movie I've seen after some period of time.

Rate: 4/5

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