Saturday, November 17, 2012

i-City Water World

Gotten my invite to the opening of Water World on 15 November 2012 in i-City and special thank to Sidney Kan for the awesome invite. Woke up early on a public holiday morning and headed to i-City but was greeted with rain half way through.
It was my first time visiting i-city so pardon my overly excited and excessive photo from none related segment.
The Water World is initially set to open its gate at 10AM but due to heavy rain from the previous night, we were told that it will only be open at 11AM on that particular day, that got me curious and why would rain cause such delay.
Good thing there were Chocolate Milk and packs of Biscuit for those who have arrive. Soon enough we were told to visit the Trick Art Museum while waiting for the clock to tick 11AM. We were kinda reluctant at the beginning but after a while of waiting and a sudden loud lighting strike, we move our butt to the museum. It is located on the right side of Old Town White Coffee and it is located at the very end of the block (or behind i-city hotel) where you can easily spot a gigantic King Kong
What's inside you ask? Well it is actually a collection of 3D art illustration where from any angle you will be seen to be embeded into the picture. Here's some sample

Not even half way through my camera battery die on me T_T Will have to rely on my blurry mobile phone which again is running short and running low in battery too. Anyway if you find these interesting do pay the Trick Art Museum a visit when you're here. I think it is RM5 per entry per person.
Back to the Water World, from the stage area, I realise that the staff were still busy cleaning up the place, especially the pool. Yellowish mud water was seen on several pool and time is running short. Regardless when the clock strike 11AM the gate was open and many were seen flocking in anxiously, I too join the 'rush'
Planned to quickly snap some surrounding picture but battery was 100% dried up, so apology again for blur picture below this.

These were some of the attraction the park have to offer. Good thing about it is that the tube here doesn't cost you, but please be courtesy to return it back when you're not using it so that others could enjoy like you did too.

Never admit that you've been to i-City Water World before if you have not try their Tornado ride, it was really fun filled ride and is thrilling at the same time. It was probably one of the biggest semi round slide that you could have ride this far. The best part is when there were tons of water came splashing to you.

The only down side that day was the place is rather dirty, it is covered with 'dirty water' all over and since it has not 100% constructed, it is kinda mess too even in the washroom. Hope by my next visit I could 100% enjoy my ride here.

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