Monday, November 19, 2012

Samsung Series 5 Ultra

Lately there's been thunder storm and heavy rain all around the clock, and when there's lighting / thunder, there's Thor sure to be electrical appliances / gadget that got burnt whether on the mainboard or other hardware component which is the caused by excessive of current / voltage. I sadly was one of the victim, and had since then send my motherboard to warranty.
From there on I could only rely on my Samsung Series 5 Ultra for work and for leisure. Since I'm using the 13" my worry is of course typing on the tiny keyboard, but I was wrong, as there's amber of space, cater perfectly for both my rather big palm. As a matter of fact, the typing experience is much better than on the conventional keyboard with amber space between each alphabet.
Despite there's a limited 'space', the Samsung Series 5 Ultra offers sufficient USB port where 2 is located on the right side of the ultrabook, along with 4 in 1 card reader slot.
On the left side, there's a mini power adapter point, a LAN cable port, a USB 3.0, a full HDMI port and an audio jack port. Despite having sufficient USB port, I do wish Samsung could just add in another USB 3.0 port cause you'll never know, user like me always run out of USB port.
I've been carrying the ultrabook to meeting and appointments, all thank to its compact design. Although it weight slightly heavier at 1.45KG, it means nothing if you were to compare to school bag in Malaysia. Actually on average 1.36KG (Source), I'm willing to compromise the slight weight different for design and performance.

Living and working in an heaty room most of the time, I think the Series 5 Ultra did a fantastic cooling job. I never felt hot while using ultrabook and I never really shut down like how I did in desktop. The standby batter is also superb. Personally I've tried leaving the ultrabook fully charged aside for 2 months with very minimal usage like once in a week, the ultrabook booted up like it has just been recharge yesterday. There's only like 2-3% of battery drop.

Next up I will be bringing along the ultrabook for more events and activities and see what I can do with it from there on. Overall I'm very satisfy with its performance and do note that I use several programming software simultaneously like notepad++, dreamweaver, mysql, and filezilla.  

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I think the Samsung product is awesome!

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