Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How I win a Samsung Galaxy S3

With already a joyful and relaxing week where we Malaysian get 2 public holiday this week, I on the other hand have more reason to scream and celebrate. Before I process, allow me to wish all those who're celebrating Deepavali a Happy Diwali, and for those who're not, have a pleasant holiday.
Monday is suppose to be a working day (and Monday blue for most), I applied a one day off on this day and is glad that I did so. I did not apply leave for the sake of sleeping at home, or loitering around and come to think about it, I actually "work" more than usual routine in office.
I was actually shortlisted to join Nestle Ice Cream Xtreme Challenge in Sunway Lagoon where win or lose, I will still walk away with something, something useful I shall add. Headed to Sunway Lagoon with Sky and thank God we manage to reach the meetup point on time despite the jam in LDP.
Upon registering, a girl came up and introduce herself as Angel and only then I notice we were assigned as a team together with Kent. After having some chit chat, it is time to get down to business. The mechanism of the challenge is pretty simple, every team will be given 10 task to complete and team which successfully complete all 10 shortest time will walk away as a champion. It is a challenge that require stamina, thought, strategy, and teamwork. My weekly jog did help out abit as there were tons of running up and down. Let's not forget my team's mastermind Angel Kee who have all the strategy planned out and Kent who map and plan the location while keeping track of the time.

Although we were not the first time to return to the final station, we were however the first team that return with all task successfully completed. Then there is this prize giving ceremony
For consolation each participant will get a Nestle hamper that world around RM100 if not more along with a goodies bag. There's Big pack of Milo refill pack, Nescafe refill pack, 2 huge box of Kit Kat, Omega refill pack and other delicious product from Nestle.
For 2nd Runner up there's GPS navigation with Nestle goodies bag
As for 1st runner up, each participant receive a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 along with Nestle goodies bag
I'm surprise that we actually won the challenge and of course were pretty excited as I don't always win the top prize on a 'on the spot' challenge. Have to thank my team mate cause if it wasn't for them, I might not be holding a SGS3 now.

Thank Netsle Drumstick and Sunway Lagoon for the awesome opportunity and great experience. Everyone enjoy a day out at Sunway Lagoon where after the challenge, some stay back to further enjoy the facilities.

*Photo credit to Angel Kee

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