Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Chef Eric is a specialist in Chinese cuisine from Imperia Rama in Resorts World Genting. His love and passion for the culinary world started as a young boy and sparked him to pursue his career in the gastronomic industry.
Eric remains as a trainer for Koo Soo Restaurants & Chefs Assosiation, Kuala Lumpur, with 20 years of fine culinary experience and knowledge under his belt.
Chef Eric has won many awards for his participation and dedication; amongst them, the Gold Awards in the “Culinary Malaysia 1995”, Gold Medallist for “The World Golden Chef Competition 1998” and Gold & Silver Medal for the “World Champion of Chinese Cuisine 2002”.
The latest award acclaimed being “Excellent in Gold” on the 5th Golden Chef Competition in 2005.
With a total of 10 awards bagged and his undying passion, Executive Chinese Chef, Eric Lee Mun Chun is all set to bring Malaysian delicacies to the far ends of the globe.

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