Monday, September 17, 2012

Samsung Series 5 Ultra in Brief

While people are looking for "bigger" screen tablet and smartphone that was once 'the smaller the better' , the notebook industry is aiming the opposite way. I strongly believe that it would one day, both tablet / smartphone and notebook would come to a meeting point where there wouldn't be such classification anymore as they would've been combine into one single element.
Well anyway am glad that I gotten a Samsung Series 5 Ultra to play with and here's a quick peek on the overall package.
Similar to any notebook / ultrabook, there will be the main device itself, power cord, carrying bag, CD, and manual.
While there were some site claiming that the Ultra Series is not exactly an ultrabook due to the slightly heavier weight and thickness, it sure is a more compact version of a powerful notebook. It is packed with  Intel Core i5 2467M, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 64bit Windows Operating System, Matte Screen and plenty more
Do look out for my next blog post on the insight specification of this beast :)

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