Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bait 2D

Watched Bait 2D yesterday night at GSC 1 Utama courtesy from The Star newspaper cut out redemption. Like usual one would have to queue up for at least 1 hour 30 minute to firmly secure the passes and being a movie pass collector, I would no doubt go to that extend.
Was forced to watch this earlier even though today too I have invite to the same movie because there will be clashes between Bait, The Raid Redemption, and Dredd. FML
Anyway Bait tried its best to be different from the typical shark / alligator type of movie buy setting the killing scene in a supermarket. Problem now is how do they transport these shark into that kind of place?
Simple, tsunami! Well there is no spoiler here as the trailer clearly shown how shit happen. Like every such gene movie, there will always be a group of survival who is unlucky enough to survive the first wave while there are other and more danger awaits. And among them there will be at least one that you wish would die, one that have all the ideas, one that is too weak for anything and those that you probably already have an idea who they are.
As you would have probably seen, the graphic weren't realistic and it feels very plastic like model to me. Personally I think there spent plenty of time on character build up simply because there weren't much to do when you put a human into water to go against a shark. So the challenge here is for them to come out with an escape plan.
There isn't much element or scene that interest me except for the part that familiar item like Milo, Energizer and etc was spotted at the scene. Oh ya there were some known Singaporean in this too and for some reason, part of these shit happen in Singapore.

Rate: 1.5/5

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