Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Bullet Vanishes

Had a premiere screening yesterday night at GSC Mid Valley where once in a blue moon I have to queue 2 hours to get the ticket.
The Bullet Vanishes is a Chinese movie that feature two big star where both plays the role of a detective who were working on a mysterious death in a bullet factory.
The plot and character started to build from there on. The movie did combine several element into it like slow motion effect, bullet focus effect, logical-mild comedy, and of course the investigation itself.
While the mysterious case was quite predictable, the film manage to trigger the curiosity as how  a bullet could vanished from crime scene.
The best part of the movie is that there's "twistception" because there's a twist to a twist on the plot. Being a good guy, I wouldn't move to the spoiler and you shall only find out by watching the movie.


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