Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Amazing Spider-man

Yet another Nuffnang (http://www.nuffnang.com.my/) movie screening event where I'm happily invited for at TGV Sunway Pyramid
To be honest, I think I've seen enough of this crap, why a reboot after all this the redone and redundant? People like me who's not entirely a super big fan of Spider-man but do catch most (if not all) of the superhero movie already saw this crab a million time.
So in this reboot, there are new director, new cast and even new swing technique. The duration of the movie last for about 2 Hours 16 Minutes and 70% of it is all about character build up and "already-seen-that" plot. What different is how Spider-Man web swing himself but is far from good in my opinion.
The Tobey Maguire version of Spider-Man does contain lots of cool scene come to think about it, even pawn Andrew Garfield on the kissing scene. To those who have seen and know who Spider-Man is, I wouldn't recommend it. It is like jam pack everything you ever saw on cinema into 1 movie MINUS the mighty enemy AND epic battle.

Rate: 2/5

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