Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Brave evolves around a young princess who is determined to choose her own faith instead of blindly follow and bound to tradition. Little did she know, her thought and determination however caused a stir to his father kingdom and clan while her loves one have to suffer the consequences for a path she's choose.
Manage to catch the premier screening of Brave all thank Nuffnang and Jeremiah for the tickets.
No doubts that the CGI were better and more realistic shall you complete with all Disney previous production. There is however without fail certain number of element has been tied to majority (if not all) Disney movie. Element like Prince-Princess, Kingdom, Black Magic, Miracle tend to be there thus making the entire plot pretty much predictable.
All in all, it wasn't the best effort / fresh movie from Disney. It may be good to the new generation while people like me (from the 80s) is used to such plot for almost 30 years now, we seek for something new, something fresh. Putting all that aside, it is still an enjoyable and family oriented movie for the weekend outing.

Rate: 2.5/5

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