Sunday, June 3, 2012

Samsung LED Monitor + Printer

We've just venture into the second half of 2012 and if the world doesn't end like rumoured, then I'm petty sure we will be seeing tons of jaw dropping gadget from Samsung.  
 For the past half year, we've heard and seen lots of gadget being introduce with each and every one of them targeting different market section. And the being the other half of the year, Samsung had yet 4 stunning PC accessory to introduce, namely LED Monitor and All in One Printer Solution.

Let's first look into the Monitor series. The 2 new entry is known as Samsung Monitor Series 5, and Series 9. With smartphone being so common nowadays, one of the key feature of this product is gonna be the MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) where you could connect your phone to the monitor to kill the quench for a bigger display.
Sharing of content through a larger medium is not a case of bragging anymore but rather a case of targeting bigger group simultaneously. However what make this Monitor stand out beside the "Natural Color Expert" engine that produces most accurate and life-like visuals, is the small thing that other monitor would have neglected.

Unlike the conventional monitor, wire and cable are now more organize and there is only one focus area for such connectivity. Say bye bye to mysterious tangled wire.

 The Series 9 provides a rich viewing experience with its Wide Quad HD (WQHD) resolution of 2560 x 1440, multiplying the resolution of a normal HD (720p HDTV) monitor up to 4 times. With that improvement, user will get finer, crisper, and brighter details for an immersive viewing experience.
The thickness of Series 9 is just merely 2x the thickness of a Samsung Galaxy S3 with Plan to Line switching (PLS) panels. This allows almost unlimited viewing angle (178 degrees vertically and horizontally in any angle) enabling users the flexibility to enjoy content from any desired angle.
Since Series 5 had released early in March 2012 I'm not going in depth on  as the Series 5 comes with similarity except that it doesn't have the PLS and there will be a new Size of 23" which is scheduled to be released on June 2012 with the price of RM687. No word yet about Series 9 pricing. Below are some "poison" for you to enjoy :D


Series 9 (left) and Series 5 (right) 
Designer would definite dig the Series 9 Monitor because it could really gives you sharpness without losing the accuracy from source. However programmer / developer like me would opt for wait-and-see the price range before deciding whether to go for it. Will be release anytime soon in June 2012.

Now for the Samsung Mono Multifunction Laser Printer. The SCX-3400 series offer rapid solution especially to people who is always on the go
Apart from the fundamental feature that an All-in-one printer should have, the SCX-3400 series allow you to scan document and/or image to your smart device, as well as performing printing from your devices.
 Connectivity can be done via Wifi Direct without having to go through Access Point like how conventional printer should. Thus scanning/printing of document should take you 2 min top. The printer is powered by a 433 MHz core processor with up to 128MB memory, it could print up to 20 A4 pages per minute.
You will however need to download the Samsung MobilePrint app from Play Store for Android and App Store for iOS to perform the transaction mentioned about with your gadgets. 
 Just so that you know it can do fax, scan, print, and copy. It uses common port, so there is no headache for those who planned to upgrade. Its toner cost less than RM200 and is capable of printing up to 1500 pcs. The printer prince range from RM449.
 It also have ID print where you no longer need to position nicely the ID, it will automatically sort it out onto the first half and second half of the paper. This is how technology should work, making life easier and not the other way round. Such printer is also portable and handy especially for those who run and organize loads of event and roadshow.


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Sweet Fairy said...

This is amazing. Soooo nice. Can i use any laser printer for Plastic card printing purpose?

Nadia Yaseen said...

Superb post.the way of describing and images is very effective.I really impressed.Which printer is best for Plastic business card printing?

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