Monday, May 14, 2012

Shadows of Love

 Was invited by Newskaki to the screening of Shadows of Love last Thursday at MBO Viva Home but due to unforeseen circumstances, I couldn't make it but manage to watch Shadows of Love elsewhere and here's my verdict on the movie.

Synopsis: A modern romantic love story of Cinderella. Cecilia played two roles, one side is white Fu-mei, Paris, and one side is the Pygmalion the Qin core, played by Kwon Sang-woo rich handsome the right is smoked in the search for the missing Paris, accidentally discovered a similar appearance of the Qin-core, so the request of its posing as Paris can help the company temporarily to tide over the crisis. Qin core in a short time to experience the white rich America Paris of luxury living, and also learned to the many upper-class complex etiquette, but also with high rich handsome right to are smoked daily life getting students love

I have rather low or should I be straight by saying no expectation toward the movie prior to its trailer and list of casts involved, and I was right, this movie is one of those I would advice only hardcore fan to watch.

The first turn off is of course the pretty boring plot with no different from other that is similar to its genre. It is a movie where a lookalike was hired to convince others in order to get a bigger / important deal done while the actual person was no where to be seen / found.

 Then it was the voice over that annoyed me. I understand that the male actor is from Korea and that he might not be speaking proper Chinese dialect thus need a voice over so that the audience can understand him. I'm fine with that but why would they do voice over for Cecilia Chueng too? Is it because her voice ain't soft/lady enough for the role she played?
There were nothing much I could write about the movie as every angle of it have been used / seen / written before and nothing special were added to at least make it interesting. Seriously I haven't watch a decent movie starring Cecilia Chueng lately, and the last I enjoyed was a movie she acted with Stephen Chow. Guess something is not right somewhere.

Rate: 1.5/5


redlomo said...

must to see... great...

HenRy LeE said...

hoahhh HK and Korean oh! Not interested! hahaha

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