Sunday, June 3, 2012

LG Cinema 3D TV

It was yet another successful event organizer by LG ( and Nuffnang ( that mark a new benchmark for 3D TV for consumer. Let's jump into the attraction shall we?
There were basically 3 core model release in-conjunction with the launch namely LM6700, LM7600, and LM9600

I personally was so attracted to the LM6700 because it offers not only 3D excitement at home, it promote a living soul and enhance great bonding among the family. Also not forgetting it priced at RRP of RM4,499 where I honestly think it is a deal worth dying for as it is not just your ordinary smart 3D TV. Find out how below.

Cinema Screen Design

Bring the "Cinema" home isn't just about the wide screen, it encompass the seamless, edge-to-edge simplicity where there is no frame, no obstruction on the screen. With just a 1mm think of bezel, you wouldn't notice it is there.  Is these tiny thing that make it count.

Comfortable 3D Glasses

Don't know if this happen to me only but I do find that the 3D glasses provided at Cinema were rather heavy and blur where after a while wearing it, I could already feel the ache even before the movie starts and the dim that was caused by the glasses.

With LG Cinema 3D TV and accessories, no only the 3D Glasses is light weight, it doesn't require battery to operate and yet giving the best

Dual Play

Gamer ALERT! Now there is no split screen got 2 player game and no need to have 2 TV to serves the purpose. It might be difficult to put it in word, let me try and see if the photo I capture can explain this killing feature.
Thus there is no more fighting on who peep on to gain advantage. Here's the official photo from LG since the one I took kinda crappy.

Magic Remote

Probably the most convenient and advanced TV remote that allow you to point, gesture, and wheel freely at any point of time.

Home Dashboard

LG Smart TV's all-new Home Dashboard comes with an improved design and look, more simplicity, and more room for customization. Just make it anyhow you like and never get lost on where to locate certain app / function.

2D to 3D

While additional cost may required when you intent to purchase a 3D based blu ray disc, LG simply solve the headache for you with the 2D to 3D feature built in where it could convert and 2D content into eye popping 3D

Local Premium Content

Experience a collection of popular streaming entertainment through LG Premium Content menu, which is a premium service that selects and categorizes only the most popular and useful content among the myriad of apps.

Beside the mentioned few, there were so many more like
  • 3D Depth Control
  • 3D Sound Zooming
  • Flicker-Free 3D
  • Skype
  • Universal Search
  • K-POP Zone
  • Social Center
  • Smart Share Plus
  • Nano Full LED
  • Motion Clarity Index
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • Advanced IPS Panel
  • Resolution Upscaler
  • ...... and plenty more but I gonna stop before you drown yourself with your drool
TV nowadays no longer play what's being aired, it stream and push information to its user as well. Is been a while that I last got hyped all over a TV, it was the evolving technology that once again got my excited and wanted to own one in my room.

At the end of the day, I still do recommend you to check out the awesomesauce yourself because the experience is beyond text, photo, and video. Get dressed and be prepare to be amazed with what LG Cinema 3D TV have to offer.


Stan Lee said...

Was interested on 47LM6700 model. Is the price confirm @ RM4,400+ ? Thanks.

Fallen Angel said...

@Stan Lee: This is the pricing given to me.

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