Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Free Mori

22 June 2012 mark another successful event in the calendar of Free Mori with its grand and official opening in Shah Alam and to celebrate that Free Mori have invited public member to join along with a night filled with fun and food that would satisfy you.
People started flocking in way before the even start to mingle around while enjoying the yummilicious food and drinks being delivered right infront of them.

 As for the teaser here are just a small portion of what's being serves that night. There were all equally delicious until I've forgotten to snap them before munching like a monster. LOL

 Later on it was followed by opening and appreciation speech as well as the direction of the company that strives to be more than just bakery.

Public were entertain by a small violin performance by the guy from Nasi Lemak 2.0

 Despite being feed for more than an hour, it doesn't stop people from buying pastry and cake from the shop even there was a long queue. That define the strength of Free Mori, creating the crave that you would never regret and making a soothing environment for business or any other relation bonding.

Free Mori is now centered around Klang Valley but have intention of expanding to outstation. So let's make this happen, let's share the happiness to our neighbour state.

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