Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII Review

There will be two section in this review / blog post where the first part if the introduction / key features that make Galaxy SIII a desired phone where as the second end of it is my personal thought and/or some feature you might not know yet.

With social media blooming rapidly everyday, having a decent camera is just not enough, having the ability to share what's been capture is. Samsung Galaxy SIII combine these 2 element and viola, and clingy smartphone to the palm. Capturing a photo now takes less than a second in a 8MP crisp clear quality.
There were several mode that come with the phone and Burst Shot is an interesting feature where you can capture up to 20 photo in a click. The system will then select and recommend the best photo taken. With that you're sure not to miss any of that precious moment again.
I however notice that there is a mode that appear macro mode called "Face Detection" where it will zoom in directly to the faces detected with a simple double tab gesture
It is good for spying on your crush immediately focus on the expression your model have and man the details of the photo are some what better than a point a shoot camera (depending on setting).

You could also tag your photos directly from your phone without having to upload to Facebook first before tagging. That could really speed things up if you ask me.
It would be really a phone that under utilize of the Galaxy SIII is there was no multitasking programmed into it. You can do wonders with the phone. For instance you can watch video/movie while replying to a SMS / Whatapps. For the sake of testing, I was able to play 3D rendered game while still having the video run. Neither the game nor the video lags. I know no one would have ever do that but like I said I just wanted to stress test the power of the SIII
Smart Stay is yet another intelligent feature where the screen will not turn off or go dim when you're continuously looking at the screen be it while you're reading and ebook or drooling over your crush photos for hour, there's a reason for Smart Stay anytime.
Voice command is not something new, it was there even before Apple announce it but at that point of time, it seems like nobody give a damn about it. But anyway voice command is now incorporated into the Galaxy SIII and guess what, it work like charm. Even with my broken and not so accurate command of English, it could get me most of the time.
 There is one thing I don't get it. Why would you need an Internet access to use voice command. Certain command like setting the alarm, calendar, playing music, and etc doesn't necessary require one. Overall the voice command also known as S Voice is capable of taking photos and plenty more. 

Samsung Galaxy SIII introduces several cool motion gesture where you might not have seen it yet. Palm swipe, palm pause, direct call, direct camera are just a few of the many cool motion that you can do with your Galaxy SIII
Unfortunately I doesn't have sufficient time to capture the video, I've found an alternate video from youtube

A few FAQ that I manage compile as follow:

Q: Is it worth upgrading / changing over from other platform?
A: Personally I think this phone worth every penny you spend, what's more when you can get cheaper deal with your local telco.

Q: Can it replace compact camera?
A: Yes and no, depending on what you're after. SIII capture good quality photo as you can see from some of my blog photo using image taken from SIII. If you're shooting still/little/minor moving object/model most of the time, need not thing further.

Q: I've seen the drop test and SIII is kinda fragile and I'm worried
A: When you own a phone, you will do your 101% best to make sure it is safe and sound don't you? So who would wanna throw a phone from waist height just to test its durability? With a little extra care and a casing, it should aid when accident happen

Q: I prefer something other than touchwiz
A: Galaxy SIII is running on Android ICS. Thus you can always customize it to some other appearance / theme of your liking. That's one of the advantages of Android

Q: Still don't know iPhone or Samsung or HTC
A: I can't be telling you to get a specific phone just based on my preference. You'll have to go out and play with the display unit. Each phone has it advantages but trust me Galaxy SIII will definitely amaze you and stay in your list.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I can give my 2 cents on a durability of the screen of Samsung S III...Its totally BAD. Its terrible. Few days ago, i was holding the S III on the table with one age on the table, and second in my fingers, then at the height of 1 inch from the surface, phone slipped from the fingers, and the phone's one age lightly hit the surface of the table. From 1 inch height !!!! A result - cracked screen....

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