Monday, May 14, 2012

Excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

With 3D almost everywhere from my "2nd home" the cinema, to hand held device, to even the paper / card, it is not doubt that we are looking forward for a more "WOW" factor  when it comes to not just entertainment but also presentation.

Glad that there were already technology that improves on what we currently have by eliminating the need of travelling all the way to Cinema while preserving the WOW factor anytime desired.

LG, being one of the well known and trusted brand is proud to bring a new series of Cinema 3D Smart TV to every home pretty soon.

You can find out more here by clicking on the link below

Why do you want to excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV?

I was once so cling to the TV in my living hall, ask me anything or TV programme and I can answer you without any reference. So when I was introduced to the "PC" I slowly shift my addiction toward it. Honestly, my last impression about TV is as illustrated below
Yes the big bulky box that only have one way interaction. After witnessing the evolution of TV, I couldn't stop my urge to not just colourize my thought about TV but also have the urge to do more with it if I happen to own one.
While it is always my wish to smell Jessica Alba or feel the touch of Megan Fox from close distance, I have more fetish to disclose :D
I know some might hate me for stating this, but I do work from HOME. Thus I do have tons of free time to kill the responsibility to be mature and to have high level of self discipline. I have to be always on the standby for issues that occur anything from morning to night while I'm 'relaxing'.
 That's why LG Cinema 3D Smart TV is an all in one solution from leisure to work and vice versa. Beside which guy doesn't enjoy an ultimate huge screen during their "happy time"? Lol

I'm kinda looking forward to not just the package a LG Cinema 3D TV can offer but also am hoping to be invited to its party that will be happening late mid May 2012.

if you too wish to be part of the awesome happening, do take part. Details can be found on Nuffnang official blog site.


redlomo said...

love the TV so much...

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