Saturday, May 12, 2012

陣頭 (Din Tao)

Special thank to Yuberactive for the awesome invite to Gala Premiere of 陣頭 (Din Tao in Hokkien) at Pavilion Kuala Lumper on Monday night.
Din Tao is a Taiwan based movie that earned its fame with its stunning opening sales and have carried over RM30 million in box office sales! Directed by Fung Kai, an award winner of Best Director for Taiwan's TV series.

Synopsis: Performer Allen Ko plays A-tai, a young man who dreams about becoming a rocker in the US. He quits school in Taipei and returns to his Taichung hometown before following his heart's desire. A-tai has never been on good terms with his father, Uncle Da (Chen Po-cheng, better known as A-hsi), who runs a dintao troupe. The father and son never make an effort to understand one another, and quarrel each time they meet. But Uncle Da has other things to worry about. While his company struggles to make ends meet, long-standing rival Wu Cheng (Liao Chun) and his troupe meet with success and popularity. Irked by Wu's arrogance, A-tai decides to take the troupe's demoralized members on a countrywide walk in search of inspiration to revamp the traditional folk art form.
Do note that since it is from Taiwan and the directed is known for its Hokkien drama series, majority of the movie speak in the Hokkien dialect.
Personally I think it wasn't a bad start for this Taiwan based movie after "The apple of my eye" but there were still plenty of room for improvement. Good thing it is not as draggy as how the Hokkien drama would, but again it wasn't quite straight to the point with scene just to sum up the total screening time.
Like any good movie, there were drama and success in it. However it is sad that it concentrate less on the key ingredient even in its epic final performance.

Rate: 2.5/5

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