Thursday, January 5, 2012

Jack and Jil

Happy New Year my fellow readers, it is now 2012 and what's your thought about it? Some are nervous while some are particularly preparing for the worse. As for me I would rather watch as many movie as I would and  enjoy myself to the max #likeaboss
Went for the movie Jack and Jill on Tuesday night at KLCC and boy what a luck, I had 2 movie clash on my very first movie screening in 2012.
Well there ain't much in the plot. Jack and Jill is just another seasonal movie where the movie evolved around a twin brother and sister both staring Adam Sandler himself.
Family man Jack had a perfect family and is living happily would every year have a headache during thankgiving when her sister Jill decided to visit him and his family to celebrate the festival.
Things started to get fun and yet annoying when Jill appear on screen. Nevertheless, Jack decided to help his pity lonely sister this time round by searching the right soulmate for her. They are joke that took you by surprise and there were those that were recycled from Adam himself or from daily lifestyle, but still it shall be able to trigger the smile in you.

Rate: 2.5/5 

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