Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Viral Factor

2nd gala premiere screening in GSC Pavilion of the week and there will be one more on Monday 16 January 2012. What's more is that Jay Chou and director Dante Lam is attending the red carpet of the movie Viral Factor
The movie starred 2 big cast, Nicholas Tse from Hong Kong and Jay Chou from Taiwan. With crazy fans of Jay around, I skip the red carpet and head straight to the movie.
What make this movie interesting (to Malaysian) apart from the non stop gunshot scene from trailer, is the fact that majority of the movie is filmed and shot here in Malaysia.
It is awesome to see scene that we are so used to on the big screen but I seriously think the director should hire someone with experience for the voices over the radar / walkie talkie. It sounded like how I read directly from the text book @.@
The plot wise was also another big turned down. I know I can't expect much from such movie but the plot got worse that not expecting much. Not only it was plain and feels yet another shooting movie, the character doesn't portrait a professionalism in the movie either. What suppose to be a world saving mission ended up to be personal mission.
Since Dante Lam is directing the movie, you're assured with cool weapons, awesome shooting match, great share of accident and explosion and other stuff that a guy would enjoy. Yes this is just another those kind of movie where the main attraction is the casts and the main let down is everything else.

Rate: 2/5

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