Friday, January 13, 2012

Lou Sang with OverTime

Was invited by Sirens Media to a food review session along with Lou Sang session and free flow of OverTime specially brew beer. Now that's really something that prepare me into this coming CNY
Located at Wisma Fiamma, I would say that this outlet is kinda difficult to locate if you are not familiar around Kepong, but on the bright side, it is actually just Opposite Kepong Tesco and you can get free parking if you know how.
Was greeted with Choy San (God of Prosperity) upon arriving at the entrance and was busy being cameraman for my friends while waiting for the food to serve. Stay out as drooling photos coming up!!
The menus were (according to my guess) Siew York, Seafood Spring Roll, Fried Fish, Sotong, and Friend Chicken. Now that's really a hell of a sinful night. But forget about it as it is CNY man. Come let's have some.
The chicken may taste ordinary, but once you dip it into the chilli sauce, you'll definitely gonna grab another piece.
 The Sotong were awesomely nice. Cook to perfection, not too raw, and not over cook.
 The Siew York was mouth watering and it went out within minute after we begin. The meat was tender and juicy, just like how you would prefer it to be.
 This is also another of my favorite, the fried fish. Doesn't have the 'fishy' smell and every piece is just an opener to get another piece. Sadly it didn't come with any sauce to go along with. How nice if there is black pepper / sweet n sour / mayonnaise to boost up the 'want to have more' desire.
The seafood spring roll. It is like fortune cookie. There were some wrap with crab meat, with prawn and etc and you wouldn't know which one you are getting until you munch your very first bite. Best to have it while it is still hot. The one we had already cold because we were waiting for the rest of the gang to show up.

Of course you should never leave OverTime for its signature, the Starker. In conjunction with this CNY there is an ongoing promotion on this and 3 Barrels of 2L Starker now only cost you RM333 and it comes with free Yu Sang and Ang Pow packets.
For more you can visit  OverTime website

It was indeed a prosperous date with OverTime and I do look forward in a cool night out with my friends during Chinese New Year.

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DoN said...

What a delightful feast!!!

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