Monday, December 26, 2011


It is now a trend that every profit seeker would queue up in product launching to ensure that he/she can sell the first spot to people who wish it was them but doesn't have the time geek would try their very best to be the first batch of receiving Apple products.
The road to iPhone upgrade
Imagine hours of wastage just to get a phone that you might probably change after a year / release of a newer version. Thus Digi came out with a plan where your iPhone would be deliver to your house!
Now can I get a Yay!!! Besides that, Digi too offer MOST affordable voice and data plan for Apple fans and subscribers. By now you should know how dumb a smartphone can be if there is no internet access right? If gets you no social update, no navigation guide, and etc.. What make your phone smart is of course the content that we obtain from the Internet and to archive so iDigi is your best option with no after bill shock
Seriously no more starving to pay off unexpected debtssssssssssssssssss
On top of the free call/sms to friends and family, you too get to enjoy 10cent/min call, 10cent/sms, 20cent/mms too.

With Digi not only widening but also strengthening its network coverage,
It is with no doubt that iDigi is your iPhone best mate,
With no hidden charges debate,
Have extra to donate,
And a happy smile that is never late.

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