Monday, December 26, 2011


With Siri capability to interact like a human being, it is not doubt that tons of hours could be spent talking to your Digi iPhone 4S without noticing it and it is yet a best way to kill time.
With iDigi plan, besides getting your iPhone 4S at unbelievable rate, you actually mating Siri and Digi, making them best companion
Although I couldn't officially ask Siri why is she best companion with Digi, I can only guess that because Siri can't survive without the Internet and who else is better to get Siri connected affordable without hurting your pocket? Opps, sorry Sir but I think that's a triangle relationship that you've just got into.

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unlock iphone 4 said...

Siri is the best feature in iPhone 4S. If you wanna wake up after one hour,you have to talk with Siri software and It wake up you on the right time so you don't need to set the alarm clock.

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