Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Although I receive an earlier invitation to the movie Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in GSC Mid Valley, but I gave it out to my Dad and waited for a much awesome option that comes with free pop corn and drinks. Thank to Magnum, BMW, and Esquire for hosting the same movie screening on the same night at Cathay.
If you are not aware of Mission Impossible, fret not, cause you don't know the previous plot knowledge to enjoy this. It is a movie with highly skilled spy equipped with awesome technology to aid their mission.
In this series however, the IMF is shut down by the government due to the bombing in Kremlin causing the team member to solve the case on their own with limited supplies and no support and to clear their names.
One of the best scene that I admire is where Ethan is climbing up the tallest building in Dubai. If again you aren't aware, there is a on going contest where you could win a RM10k trip. Details can be found here
Again, if you wish to get some awesome invite to future screening, be sure to follow Magnum on their facebook - and twitter -

Like The A-Team, Transformer, and plenty more, Mission Impossible is yet another makeover from the 80s TV Show. Now doesn't we the 80s baby have a great year?

Rate: 3/5

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