Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mad Ghost

Mad Ghost is not your typical ghost movie. In fact it is not really a ghost movie if we were to seriously consider it. "The theme is 'losing your mind' and "Four" ("4") has four stories, all conceived by Thai screenwriter "
The movie was a mixture of good, bad, and terrible.. Some even say it is a misleading movie which I think most would agree with that.. From the title to poster to trailer, it shows us element of ghost, thus who in the right mind would doubt and question further?
First of all the movie did well in carefully choosing the fright element.. It could have been better if it is truly a ghost movie as expected.. Sadly the movie focus on one thing that is scariest among all in reality - humanity..
Secondly, now all story have fair screen time, some that were pretty yawning bored took so much of it.. Furthermore, once audience found out that 'ghost' is just a gimmick they don't really pay attention anymore, which is why toward the 3rd story, things starting to slow down.. But the last story was slightly interesting, and if you must know further, it is something like 4bia last story style..
Not a recommended movie but yet not an entirely rubbish movie in my opinion, well at least you have something to laugh at in return..

Rate: 2.5/5

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