Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventure with my pet

I'm not a animal / pet hater nor do I own any fury friend at home, probably because I am too lazy to clean up the mess and I strongly believe that if I have issue taking good care of myself how am I suppose to take care of others o.0

But if I really do have a pet, I would love to bring it out for some 'adventure'. I have few in mind, but I will list the one that is most exciting.

I always wonder what kind of reaction will I get if I go shopping with my pet in a shopping mall. Now I'm not talking about typical pet like dog, cat, hamster, fish etc.. I'm talking about a dangerous breed like the mighty Lion King..
Of course the main objective is not just to window shop and get myself into trouble. You see if you are rich, you can basically do anything you want like booking the entire shoplot so that you and your partner can shop  at your own pace. Sadly I'm not under that category..
Not that rich but still wanna impress someone, so my only best hope is to shop with my pet in a shop named V_ncc_ (dunno if I should publish the full name but guess it is quite obvious) where it should chase everyone out of the store while my partner can choose and try out according to her liking without interruption. Mean while I would really like to bring my pet to the arcade to have fun like we human do.
All that crazy thought might not be coming true anytime soon but seriously that's what I have in mind.

Now the happy part is that my crazy thought might land me an invitation to The Adventures of Tin Tin in 3D from Nuffnang made possible by United International Pictures

Do check out this post if you are interested too..

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kuromeowiie said...

Invite me if got leftover tix *wink wink* HAHAHAHAHAHA

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