Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What's Your Number

Had a premiere screening of What's Your Number at GSC Mid Valley, one of the coldest cinema around town  and be warn, never go there without a jacket..
What's Your Number stars Anna Faris and Captain America Chris Evans, question here whether Mr Captain America still have the same charm?
The movie is plotted heavily based on sex theme.. No wonder the staff have to seriously go through those who enter the hall.. "F**k", "Bl*wJ*b", "H*ndJ*b" and other such word were heavily used all over the movie and if you are underage innocent, I doubt you will get the joke.. But hey.. is there really any innocent soul still out there especially with Internet around??
Don't know since when, almost every comedy movie would have something to do with Facebook and Twitter as part of the joke.. I found it kinda boring and some should do something fresh with it..
The joke were okay but lack of fresh ideas.. Chris Evans could have more screen time to kill the lust for all his female audience which Anna Faris had done too much to have some scene censored, did she? Also there were some scene shown on the trailer went MIA in the movie, like the puppet scene.. Wonder if that is suppose to be or something really happen?

Rate: 2/5

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