Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Loan Shark

Loan Shark is a popular topic in Malaysia and you will not only see it on the News portal, but you'll also notice them on the street and other famous public area in Malaysia. Not too sure what inspire the director who came out with the movie The Loan Shark
Heard from Radion this is the first film film in Malaysia with gangsterism theme, but to me it doesn't matter what theme it is, make sure it is entertaining to the audience, after all that is what we asked for being into a cinema.
Not sure if it is a local production, but most of the cast I'm aware off is from Hong Kong. Whatever it is, there were plenty of room for excitement but sigh, they failed to fill that in. If it was a locally produced, then there was something impressive - the glass breaking effect. However when you pull the same trick twice is still okay. Pull it thrice it because boring, display more than that and it became FREAKING annoying.
There were nothing much to talk about on this movie, what's more it has nothing that interest the audience. Me and my partner knew we were in a wrong movie, but I just wanted to know how terrible can it go. And it went seriously wrong =.="

Rate: 1/5

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