Sunday, June 26, 2011

Web Hosting

Domain Name and Web Hosting is the most fundamental thing you need when you are planning to have your own website. I know some might thought hey what are those because I was once in your shoe as well. Good news, I have some simple explanation to clear your confusion.

Domain Name = Your house address. Your website (house) need a unique address so that others know where to find you

Web Hostinng = Your house. A place for you to live in. In cyber world you need a place to put your files for others to view.

Well that's a layman term of Domain Name and Web Hosting and technically speaking you need both to have your website working. There are tons of paid and free service for both and the choice to which service you would opt for very much depending on your own. There is however more pros than cons on having your very own Domain Name + Web Hosting.

Thank to Exabytes, student can now too own a Domain Name and Web Hosting with just RM99 per year and it comes with a free Domain Name, that's really a catch. But wait, what I personally love about Exabytes Web Hosting package is not just this. You see their hosting package for serious business people (which can also be used by individual) is far more cheaper than this.

For a price of RM0.80 per day, you can have the EBiz Gold Unlimited package where you have Unlimited storage space, Unlimited data transfer, Unlimited database, and Unlimited potential earning power!! Wohoo.. Honestly speaking student nowadays spent at least twice a week in fast food outlet and that is already more than enough to cover the fee for this Unlimited Web Hosting package. My advice, reduce fast food intake to stay healthy and strong while earning some good money from your blogging skill (or any other creative idea you could have for your website).

Is Exabytes 10th Anniversary and come join me in the I'm supper blogger contest to walk away with awesome prizes from cash voucher to iPad2!! You heard it right, an iPad2 waiting to be your!! For more info go here


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