Sunday, June 26, 2011

D.I.Y. Website Solution

There are times where DIY simply means putting more time and effort into making something lovely and sweet for someone you cherish most, hoping that someone appreciate what you did and wishing the "DIYed" stuff spill the magic out touching his/her heart. Well that wasn't the case here.

If you ain't a Open Source user or you wish to come out with something different / your own website, you can do so even if you have ZERO programming / photoshop knowledge. Exabytes introduces Instant Website where one can come out with professional webpage within minutes. There are over 700 of nicely and professionally designed template for you to choose from.
Flash, non flash, sassy, stylish, geeky, whatever design I desire, Exabytes have it already in their Template Library. You know what I hate about this package? There are so many design to choose form and I wish I could blend them all into one. The feeling is like choosing between Transformer 3 and Captain America (for guys) or deciding on LV or Gucci (for girls).

You can try out the demo version of Instant DIY Webkit here if you are still in doubt. With EBossss Website DIY Kit you are no longer slave to time / your boss, and you don't have to limit your potential / creativity with Open Source program.

EBossss is not just powerful to aid in creating professional website, it is also user friendly where I let my niece play with it and she manage to come out with something much better than I did T_T

Likewise the package comes with Domain Name, and Web Hosting, in a Penang slag is called "Bao Ka Liao" which means All In like how you have your 3-in-1 coffee. So I dare you to unleash the beast bee in you now.
Is Exabytes 10th Anniversary and come join me in the I'm supper blogger contest to walk away with awesome prizes from cash voucher to iPad2!! You heard it right, an iPad2 waiting to be your!! For more info go here 

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