Sunday, June 26, 2011

Domain Name

Ok you would probably think that I'm the last person on earth to talk about Domain Name just because I don't have one for my blog. But I beg you for an opportunity to redeem myself.

You see when I started blogging few years back, I blog for the wrong reason. Years later I find myself having that tiny passion in me where I wouldn't care if my blog make me some earning. That's why I called it "Beautiful Mistake"
Since then I wanted to get myself a domain name where I can brand myself. I often called myself "Fallen Angel" in cyberspace and decided to go along with it, but argh.. has been taken! Worst, the domain name was left inactive and I've been tracking it since then, hoping one day it will become available.  So for time being I have to stick with wssoo a name I myself don't quite like as I find it difficult to remember, especially those who didn't know me in person because it was derived from my full name.
So picking a domain name is a pain in the butt you say? Well it gets even painful when you want to scout for the right price and service. There are so many site / company offering domain name services with some even giving free, but my advice is, take your time and read on the terms and conditions / clauses so that you're aware if there's a really big catch.
That is why I would recommend Exabytes if anyone ask me for opinion. Not simply because they are the leading website that offers domain name at insane price, their after sales service deserves double thumbs up too. Have problem (issue)? No problem! You can nudge them anytime you are facing any issue with the Live Chat feature incorporated on the website and get instant response / attention you deserved. After all there is no reason why your hosting issue should be put on hold as I believe every hosted website serves an objective, right?
Not only that. Exabytes too offers a WIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE range of options from General Domain Name (eg: .com / .net) to Country Level Domain Name (eg: /

Now that's a long list to choose from. Exabytes are kinda crazy sometimes, they can offer domain name at price that you can't even buy a cup of Teh Tarik. Furthermore their normal prize is already below market prize.
See what I mean? But such promotion don't come as you want of course, you have to wait for the cue and tada the domain is yours at price you could never imagine. Rest assure, their promotion don't come like one in a year, it will arrive anytime, any hour around the clock, or even when you are reading this there's already a promo going on. Thus I suggest you head on to instantly for latest update.
Oh yes it is their 10th Anniversary celebration and you might want to blog a Birthday wish to them. Who know you might end up an iPad 2 richer for that :)

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