Sunday, June 26, 2011

Social Media

Facebook Me, Tweet Me are 2 of the new terms that have been popularly used lately. Well at least that's the trend everyone is heading now. There are times where I receive latest news update on social site like Facebook and Twitter even when the local news portal have yet to report on an event, example would be Japan Earthquake and Sumantara earthquake that was felt by many here in Malaysia
I remember when Friendster was a hit back then, it was made more for entertainment purpose (or at least that's what I've been through), but when the recent Facebook and Twitter took over, they serves more than that. You see more and more company too is adapting onto Social Media site creating impression and awareness to the public. Exabytes, being the pioneer in IT line was not left behind.

Even though this might note be part of the services / packages offered under the company official website, but I consider this as a customer oriented approach. Why I love this is because they offer their service to not just email and call, but also to those who are actively logged in on Facebook and Twitter.

When it is work, they really do mean work only and nothing else (refer image above)

And when it come to leisure, they are just like friend on our friend list (refer image above)

They don't really treat their fan / customer as jsut ATM machine, they treat them like family. Thus there are always exciting freebies / event / gathering that gather everyone together to enjoy a free and easy "makan-makan" session, or movie watching session, just to bond the relationship among every participant, and create an opportunity for those who joined to social around.

Now isn't that customer SERVICE that every company should follow Exabytes's lead? I definite think so because such approach make the customer feel they are closely connected and that someone is there when they need help. It work for pre and post sales and I don't see the reason why such service should be held back.
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