Sunday, June 26, 2011

Affiliates Program

I always tell my friend even if I have 100K or more, and if you want to spend me a meal or best gimme RM100 for nothing I will still take any of those offer. Thus that is what lead to this particular post, is all about the money!!! $.$
Exabytes by now you should have know it provides Online Solution for any range of user from Starter to Hardcore users. But in this post you will find out that they are more than that as I'm gonna share you the best  "Extra Service" apart from the necessity Internet needs. Pssst I'm gonna share how you can earn RM1180 extra every month without quitting what you are doing now. Interested huh, read on then.
First step you need to sign up as a member so that they can have a record of your existence and keep track of your earning. You may do so by going here. Oh ya you will get instant RM50 for signing up!!

Second step you need to login to your account and goto the "Marketing Materials > Banner" Section

Third step choose a size you desired and then copy-and-paste the code into your website

Forth step promote the banner / indicated package to others and start earning. You can easily earn Rm1180/month by just referring 10 client to sign up EBiz Gold package. Hey think about it, you can let the banner do the talking when you are busy and you can promote it to your friend when you are free.

I don't find any reason why one would not love this like I do. Is free money YO!!!
Like I said, Exabytes covers everything from head to toe. If there is any missing puzzle in your website, fear not because Exabytes will cover it for you. After all Exabytes is 10 years old now and they are celebrating their 10th Anniversary now, do come and join me by taking part in their Super Blogger Contest as part of Birthday wish.

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Blogger said...

Just received a cheque for $500.

Many times people don't believe me when I tell them about how much you can get by taking paid surveys online...

So I took a video of myself getting paid $500 for filling paid surveys to set the record straight once and for all.

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